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Rust-based secure ecosystem for safety critical automotive ECUs.

Based on open source

We are building OxidOS as an industrial solution on top of Tock. Tock is an open source embedded operating system fully written in Rust designed to run on constrained devices

Safe (written in Rust)

The OxidOS ecosystem provides significant security and safety enhancements. This is achieved through the usage of Rust and an advanced architecture that enforces the running of memory sandboxed applications which have cryptographic credentials and are digitally signed.

Full OS (kernel + apps)

OxidOS is composed of a separated kernel and user space running memory sandboxed applications that are compiled independently from each other. Together with our proprietary OxidOS modules for automotive-grade specifications and compatibility, this approach enforces a high degree of security, software quality, and safety.

RISC-V ready

OxidOS is especially well suited for zone-ECU solutions, Hardware Security Engines and Hypervisors, both on arm and RISC-V chips.

Hardware-Enforced Memory Protection

OxidOS is designed to leverage hardware memory protection mechanisms which bring a higher degree of security to your applications.

Sandboxed Apps

Due to the OxidOS architecture, each application runs in its sandbox and has no direct access to the hardware.

C/C++ & Rust Apps

OxidOS can run both Rust-based code as well as C code, for faster integration with legacy code and faster initial deployment.

Web-based Development Tools

Our solution offers modern development tools with zero install needs. The OxidOS tools are web and cloud-based and ready to use for SDVs.

Software Architectures

About Us

OxidOS is a Rust-based secure ecosystem for safety critical automotive ECUs. Our solution consists of a Rust-based Secure Operating System and DevTools for medium-size microcontrollers inside automotive ECUs, designed for safety-critical applications. The OxidOS ecosystem provides significant security and safety enhancements while reducing development and certification time by half for automotive ECU software development projects. This is achieved through the usage of Rust that brings benefits such as memory and thread safety enforced at compile time. The OxidOS architecture runs memory sandboxed applications, which have cryptographic credentials and are digitally signed.

Times safer cars

% Faster software delivery

Years of experience in building Rust solutions

Times less expensive software development

Latest News

OxidOS live at Embedded World 2024

Take a look at our joint demo at the Ferrous Systems stand, where we discuss how we can make automotive and safety-critical embedded software safe, reusable and portable.

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Road to the SDV

“Give me the car with the fastest 💻 multi-core processor and the 📐 largest minimum 4k infotainment display” - is something that a car buyer has never and will never ask for.

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2023 in review

2023 🎉 was a good year for the #rustlang (Rust programming language) adoption into the automotive industry - with players from all categories experimenting with Rust to replace (in part) C and C++.

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OxidOS @ SDV Europe 2023 in Berlin

We are taking part in the SDV Europe 2023 conference where the latest cutting edge technologies and ideas are discussed. The hot topics discussed are: cloud-based innovation in automotive, speeding up processes using AI and usage of open source technologies.

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OxidOS will be present at VECS 2023 in Gotheburg

In Gotheburg, Sweden, on 23-24 March? Come by OxidOS' Booth (C04:06) to get free goodies, watch our demos and be part of our mission of building a Rust-based ecosystem for safety critical automotive ECUs.

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OxidOS @ IAA Mobility 2023

We are thrilled to be present at IAA Mobility 2023! Our booth B213, in hall A3 comes with chocolates, cool demos and lots of interesting discussions about the future of SDV and Rust’s role in this journey!

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OxidOS' special demo with ST's stellar

Rust-born OxidOS on Stellar E MCUs - a demo on hardware and software solution for safety and security. This partnership is best reflected at Embedded World 2023 where OxidOS had a special demo at ST’s booth.

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OxidOS exhibited at Embedded World 2023

We had a blast talking to potential clients, partners and showcasing our demo to everyone who dropped by our stand. Take a look at our journey at Embedded World 2023.

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Our amazing team that brings together Rust and Web for safer automotive.

Alexandru Radovici

Co-founder & CEO (product)

Bogdan Genis

Co-founder & CTO

Ioana Culic

Co-founder & Head of R&D

Daniel Rosner

Co-founder & Co-CEO (business development)

Vlad Radulescu

Senior Developer

Cristi Rusu

Senior R&D

Alexandru Vochescu

Chief Architect

Georgiana Vladulescu

Team Lead

Alexandra Somesan


Teona Severin

Rust Developer

Irina Nita

Rust Developer

Felix Mada

Rust Developer

Ioan-Cristian Cirstea

Rust Developer

Danut Aldea

Rust Developer

Gabriel Pavaloiu

Rust Developer

Darius Jipa

Rust Developer

Cristian Paris

Web Developer

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